Everything you need for perfect eyebrows? Soap, water, a spoolie and a simple technique you will learn in a minute.

Eyebrow trends have changed drastically through ages. It might be hard to find a woman who wouldn’t regret plucking and tweezing her brows during teen years, when all the girl band babes sported super thin, barely-there brows. Some of us even tattooed the shape and went through ages of painful self-criticism till the sharp lines finally faded. But right now, when the beauty world celebrates the trend of au naturel everything – especially when it comes to brows, we are finally relieved to finally look like humans are supposed to. And one of the smartest techniques to enhance and take control of the natural wild bush called eyebrows is using a simple soap to fix, set and forget.

Using soap to fix your brows actually isn’t a super unique and unseen technique. It has been used not only by trendy influencers, YouTube vlogers and kiddos playing at mom’s beauty counter, but also by remarkable Hollywood starlets and few of the most requested makeup artists. Using soap to shape, brush up, add fullness and set them in place is a fool-proof method that achieves natural but groomed effect.

So why it is so good? Styling brows with soap means that you won’t block them with a product so you’ll get more natural effect. Once the foam dries down, you get a transparent film over the brows that hold them in place.

For the soaping process:

(to avoid the dandruff brows)



Run the damp bristles of your spoolie over the surface of a wet soap till you get a foamy texture, then run it through your brows in an upward motion to style them in your desired way. And guess what – that’s it!