As it turns out, sunscreen can not only prevent sun damage, but actually reverse it. Does it really work like an anti-ageing time machine?

We all know the good old sunscreen mantra. Going to beach? Use sunscreen! Running errands? Use sunscreen! Pointing your nose out of the window, problems at work, broken heart? Yep, and again – use sunscreen! Jokes aside, but sunscreen really is a wonder product and a staple of every beauty routine all year long as it prevents pigmentation, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and skin cancer.

As much as we adore warm sun rays, we cannot deny that sun is the worst skin ageing agent. And cold weather is no excuse to forget about slathering it on all day – everyday. Only one of the two UV perpetrators, UVB, is lessened by clouds and winter, while UVA is present year-round. Yep, even indoors, through your clothes and when it`s raining (read more about the UVA rays).

In a year-long study published in journal of Dermatologic Surgery 32 women were examined where they applied a broad spectrum SPF 30 every day for 52 weeks. Their skin was evaluated throughout the year at various points and the scientists found out that “all photo-ageing parameters improved significantly, including skin texture, clarity and pigmentation. By the end of the study, 100% percent of subjects showed improvement in skin clarity and texture.” At the end they concluded: “The daily use of a facial broad spectrum photostable sunscreen may visibly reverse the signs of existing photodamage, in addition to preventing additional sun damage.”

So here`s one more good reason why you should stick to your natural filter SPF-infused routine all year long, not only during summer (even though preventing skin problems sounds quite like a good reason as well). But erasing some wrinkles and pigmentation spots as a quite nice bonus? That sounds like a good skin care plan to us.