The latest bottle to add to your bathroom shelf? The leftover champagne. Here’s a hint: your hair AND the planet will be very thankful!

We all know those parties that end with just one drink too much. Whether it’s a bridal shower where you pop the cork just in a name of beautiful photoshoot, or a wild night at home where you get halfway through the last bottle and manage to pull the brakes right in time to avoid the morning after.


Curious about the famous champagne rinse, we decided to actually try it. Legendary magazine editor Diana Vreeland infamously wrote that everyone should “wash your blond child’s hair in dead champagne to keep it gold, just like they do in France”. And hairstylists really back her up by suggesting that champagne rinse makes the golden tones in highlights pop out and makes the hair gorgeously shiny.

Here’s what the face of MADARA, Liva had to say about the effect:

‘My naturally blonde, unruly hair immediately responds to sun exposure and rusty water. I definitely spotted a slight difference in my hair colour – the champagne rinse left it half a shade lighter. My hair was nicely volumised and texturised. The frizz was tamed. And, yeah – others said they couldn’t resist the intoxicating scent.’

The world is generous. But generosity is not for wasting. So, when life gives you some leftover champagne, you better rinse your hair with it, rather than pour it down the sink.