When you go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day, your inner biological clock adjusts to the rhythm of your life. And as it turns out, learning the schedule of your skin helps you to adjust your care routine to it.


In studies from 1970 to 1993, it was found that the rate of facial sebum secretion is lowest during the night and highest in the early afternoon – you probably already know the lunchtime shininess that sometimes occurs, no matter how matte your complexion in the morning.
The perfect help for your skin is to use a good moisturiser and drink as much water as you possibly can.
Sitting at a screen all day also does harm to your skin. The blue HEV rays from the phone or computer screen can cause fine lines, sagging, hyper-pigmentation and redness. A good way to cope with these side effects during the day is to use a spray mist that replenishes hydration, comfort and protection. For example, MADARA Infinity Mist Probiotic Essence has the probiotic lactobacillus strains that normalise the skin’s microbiome, protect the skin’s moisture barrier and prevent transepidermal water loss, while the polyphenols ward off environmental aggressors.


The main function of the skin during the day is protection. In this period, the skin comes up against various aggressive external intruders like UV light, pollution that produce free radicals. This is why you have to apply your antioxidant-boosted skin care products daily, preferably right in the morning. Antioxidants decrease free radical damage, which is at its height during the day.

Be sure to use a skin serum that address high pollution indexes and takes care of the skin’s immune system (the fine texture of the product will absorb quickly and will be able to penetrate the skin’s layers). Top it off with a very good moisturising cream and SPF – religiously!


According to our inner clock, the body temperature rises around dawn and this triggers our “wake cycle”. This explains our plump and glowing complexion early in the morning – it is boosted by brand new skin cells that are replacing the aged ones. This important process happens late at night and early in the morning when you are supposed to be well rested. This is another reason why you really should develop a really good and regular sleep cycle – people who interrupt the proliferation process by staying up late or exposing their skin to chemicals like alcohol or tobacco, suffer premature ageing.


When we are sleeping and less likely to be interrupted or disturbed, our skin cells start the very delicate regenerating process. This is the reason why it is best to apply rejuvenating creams at night time.
It is well known that a lack of sleep highly affects our moods and skin health, speeding up ageing and inflammation. And while you’re dreaming the sweetest dreams, your skin is working quite hard to renew itself during the night.
Start off with cleaning off the makeup and oil that builds up during the day. Make sure to indulge with a multi-masking routine now and then, as it sheds off dead skin cells and boost the skin’s repair process during the night.
Sometimes the skin goes through night time dryness, which happens because of the trans-epidermal water loss that has taken place during the day. This is why a really good, rich night cream is also an absolute must.



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