Can you actually get a flawless tan without making your skin suffer from the UV rays? Now it is possible to sport a vacation-worthy effect with the new FAKE IT self tan lotion. But is using it really that simple? As the blogger and photographer Daigai Ellaby admitted in her review, “I’ve never had such a beautiful tan at the very beginning of spring”.

“When I saw the first ads about the upcoming FAKE IT self tan product, I was surprised to realize it actually intrigued me. That’s because I never had any experience with similar products and the self-tan range seemed quite scary till then. I didn’t want to achieve the fake-looking orange hue and patches on my skin but the description of FAKE IT seemed pretty convincing.

Now I have formed an opinion about this product as I’ve been using it for quite a few months. It truly is easy to use, it builds a beautiful and very natural tan effect that doesn’t seem fake at all. Using this product, I’ve established some tips and tricks that I would recommend following to achieve the result you want.

First of all, it is very, very important to scrub your skin before applying FAKE IT, especially at the dry skin areas. I’ve tried numerous options and many scrubs, but right now I can recommend the DIY peeling that is made of coconut oil, brown sugar and essential oils. The sugar works as a peeling agent, while the coconut oil nourishes and hydrates the skin. This combo ensures a streak-free tan.

Second, you really must work the product in your skin very carefully. I think the best way would be using the special tanning mitt, but I’ve managed it without the mitt as well. If you’ll skip some spots and won’t apply the self-tan milk very carefully, the tan won’t be as even.

Third of all, it is said in the instructions that you must wait at least 10 minutes before dressing up. I recommend following this tip as I’ve already had an experience of having a long white mark on my legs where the hem of my leggings went.

Yes, this experience is learning from my mistakes during the past months. But the good news – even when the effect is not as good as expected, you can scrub it off in the shower quite well. Also, if you wish to achieve a more deep tan, repeat the applying procedure and you’ll have it darker and bolder – but still natural-looking.

If you’re a beginner with self tanning and cautious with these products just like I was, I honestly recommend trying FAKE IT. I’ve never had such a beautiful tan at the very beginning of the spring.”


Achieving a golden tan in 4-6 hours? Yes, it is real with the new FAKE IT product that not only gives your skin a vacation-worthy bronzed hue but also hydrates and softens the skin. And if you’re worried by the usual non-pleasant self-tan smell – Fake It is the very opposite, as it has a zesty, sunny aroma that makes your experience even more delightful.

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