Skin is so much more than just a beautiful wrapping paper – beyond the critical role it plays in your appearance, it also works in many ways that are essential to ensure your existency. The new buzzword in skin care is skin’s immunity that has a key role in keeping your complexion radiant, smooth and hydrated. How to keep up with it?

With the cold weather approaching (brace yourselves!), everyone starts worrying about health supplements and immunity boosts to avoid a runny nose and scratchy voice. Packing ourselves with vitamin C, warm wool socks and peppermint tea during winter is a good idea, but that`s not enough in terms of a skin`s health.

But have you ever thought that your skin also has immunity properties and you should take care of it as well?


Skin is the largest organ of a human body and the first and biggest barrier against the environment – UV rays, pollution, germs, physical stresses and other agressors. Skin is a living system equipped with many functions like the feeling of touch and pain, protection against the environmental agressors, energy storage and production of vitamin D. But it`s way more than that – it`s also a living and fully functioning immune system that fires back to all the aggressors trying to intervade your body. Think of it as a solid brick wall of a castle guarded by soldiers that protect from surrounding non-stop intruders. It is guarded by the good soldiers called Langerghans cells that exist in the upper layer of epidermis, detect foreign invaders and warn other cells to boost up the protective immune functions.

So skin tissue contains a complex network of adaptive and innate immune cells, cooperating to induce immunity – it`s a system that never shuts down. When working continuously, they maintain homeostasis, eliminate infections and enable the continuous process of repair and renewal of skin tissue.

But as every living thing, immune cells are not mechanic and can`t fight non-stop. With ageing and constant facing all the environmental agressors and even emotional stress, they tend to get tired and therefore skin becomes prone to fine lines, dark spots, inflammation, and other skin problems.


These powerhouse ingredients help your skin to maintain it`s immune system and work smoothly 24/7.


Mushroom beta glucan is an immune-enhancing component that can boost the Langerhans cells which has the key role of maintaining the skin`s immune responses. It has positive effects on wrinkle reduction, wound healing, photo-damage repair and overall skin health. They are also high in antioxidants which are the main heroes against the free radicals.


Probiotics are often called the future of skin care. It`s a good bacteria that strengthens the skin, restores or maintains a good balance of bacteria. Your skin has a natural pH of 4.7 where it`s healthy to fight off the bad bacteria. With altering the skin`s pH, you`re weakening it`s defence system. Probiotics on the other hand lower the pH, therefore keep your microbioma balanced. One of the most used probiotics in skin care is Lactobacillus lysate – a bacteria that repairs skin`s barrier.


Provitamin D is called a “sunshine vitamin”, and the ingredient`s topical benefits is the most recvent discovery. It has powerful anti-ageing properties and ability to promote skin cell turnover. Vitamin D is another great antioxidant that also works to prevent inflammation.


Our skin cells produce hyaluronic acid naturally to maintain the moisture levels. With ageing, UV exposure and other environmental aggressors, the moisture levels tend to weaken, therefore hyaluronic acid is one of the hero ingredients used to maintain skin`s health. When topically applied, it helps to hydrate the skin and reduce the loss of moisture.


Biotechnology has transformed their timeless wisdom into an immunocompetent serum to reinforce your skin’s self-defence abilities and unleash its true potential.

Infinity Drops Immuno-Serum, based on a unique lactobacillus strain, mushroom beta-glucans, provitamin D and polyphenol essence from the madara plant restricts dehydration, balances the skin’s microbiome and helps to fight oxidative stress. Your skin is left smooth and velvety soft, the complexion is brighter and more uniform.