Getting the ink under your skin is a very vulnerable and responsible step that’s going to last forever. Gaining trust, reading people personalities and creating ethereal and aesthetic artworks on skin is what made Sasha Masiuk one of the best tattoo artists in the world. We spoke to her about the art and her source of inspiration.

How did you get started with tattooing?

I started about 6 years ago. My husband gifted me a tattoo machine and said: “You will be a great artist. Let’s do tattoos on each other.”

Do you have a ritual or favourite sources for inspiration?

My inspiration is beauty and soul. I’m trying to see beauty in everything. If you do everything with your soul, it will be beautiful.

In terms of tattooing it seems that you`ve reached it all – you are considered one of the best tattoo artists in the world. What`s the next step for you?

If I thought like this, I would never be here at this moment. I’ll be learning and tattooing more and more, I’ll never stop. My next step is to learn more about myself and my soul. I would like to do really important things in this world. Tattoos are not immortal. Art is immortal.

Your skin tells a beautiful story with various tattoos. What was the motivation behind them?

My tattoos are aesthetic beauty.

Tattooed women used to face many stereotypes some time ago. What would you say to those who think feminity and tattoos are incompatible things?

Tattoos are not for everyone. Each person knows better what IS good for them. I don’t care about it.

Here at MADARA we adore skin and yours looks flawless! Can you tell us about your skin care routine?

Just coconut oil, its the best for me. I had some problems with my skin after pregnancy, but now it’s getting better. I’m trying to eat good organic food.

Ink is something that goes deeper than skin. Do you think the ink or the tattooed symbols give any additional meaning to a personality?

Yes! It is really important. It can change your life.

Photos: Sasha Masiuk,