Two of the most meaningful beauty trends to go for on 2017 (and years to come, actually).


Majority of us live in urban environments that put the skin under a heavy environmental stress 

Antioxidants, anti-pollution cosmetics, free radical scavengers, urban detox – you can expect these buzzwords to become more and more popular on 2017, as scientific research shows the devastating free radical impact on our skin and health. Majority of us live in urban environments that require an extra thoughtful approach. Polluted urban air can be 100 (!) times more harmful than cigarette smoke (which is also harmful, as you know), especially during hot days when toxins sit on the ground level, and you might often have a feeling of stressed, dry and tense skin after spending the whole day downtown. 

Free radicals are present in polluted air and smoke. Sun exposure and unhealthy diet are also among risk factors that cause premature ageing

Environmental pollution and radiation generate free radicals massively. Those unstable oxygen molecules cause cascades of destructive reactions in the skin. Scientists estimate that free radicals (and not genes!) are responsible for up to 90% of the first visible signs of ageing – those that appear as early as our 30s (or even late 20s) are mainly caused by environmental stress and lifestyle.

The natural defense mechanism against free radical damage are antioxidants that interact with free radicals to prevent them from harming healthy skin structures. Some of the most important antioxidants are natural molecules generated by plants to support their vegetation and protect themselves from environmental stress, viruses and diseases.

Human body produces some antioxidants, yet many essential ones must be supplied through diet and topically – with skin care products. In fact, to protect skin from environmental damage and premature ageing, topical application is considered to be more effective than oral intake. 

Many plants contain extraordinarily high concentrations of powerful antioxidants. For example, Alchemilla Vulgaris (lady’s mantle) contains polyphenols, able to neutralise up to 90% of free radical damage. Different antioxidants have different modes of action. Some supress the formation of free radicals, some neutralise them, while some repair the damage already done. The key to success is to combine multiple antioxidants to provide a full spectrum of protection.

For urban detox, to prevent the first signs of ageing, to minimize the first fine lines and provide complete protection against free radical damage and thus say NO to premature ageing:

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Eco-ageing rises as the new anti-ageing trend, initiated by the millennial generation – those born between the early 1980s and late 1990s, – for this is the time when they start to notice the first signs of ageing. It is very likely that the millennials along with the eco-ageing trend will greatly contribute to age-liberation, replacing the I-want-to-be-forever-young approach with age-does-not-matter attitude. Gender liberation has happened already, now we are about to clear our minds from age-related stereotypes about social roles and looks.

Latvian fashion designer KEITA – the face of MÁDARA TIME MIRACLE, world's first birch water-based organic anti-ageing skin care range

The fundamental difference between the eco-ageing and advertisement-driven anti-ageing mindset is that the first one celebrates the individual's unique personality and looks rather that trying to squeeze a person into socially constructed beauty standards. Eco-aging is all about positive attitude towards yourself – embracing who you are, your age, your experience, your looks. Trend-setting millennials are well-informed, solution-focused, they pay more attention to ingredients and prefer natural products. Although model face is not what they strive for, eco-aging customers want powerful, targeted and preferably natural solutions that keep skin healthy, comfortable and radiant.

Eco-ageing addresses similar skin care needs as conventional anti-age beauty products (boosts collagen production, hydrates, nourishes, protects, etc.). However, there are several fundamental differences. The greatest difference, perhaps, is that eco-ageing skin care uses natural and organic ingredients, and the formulations are certified. Sustainability and being fair are the core values of eco-aging trend: products are manufactured under fair conditions, using renewable energy, recyclable and post-consumer recycled packaging, sourcing local ingredients. For example, the most important ingredients of MÁDARA products, like the signature birch water, are sourced locally, and 40% of packaging in 2016 came from a recycled material. Claims are fair and fact-based. Models are real people rather than just faces (for example, most of MÁDARA models are our friends – unique and distinct personalities).

TIME MIRACLE speeds up cell division rate, boosts the production of collagen and other youth proteins that keep mature skin healthy, smooth and radiant

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