This is a magical time of year, right? White crystal snowflakes falling over millions of golden lights layered in streets, children joyfully singing carols and baking gingerbread cookies with their dads, moms shining brighter than a Christmas miracle, all happy, relaxed and soaking in the beautiful, red, green and gold colored festive mood. Why do we have a feeling this sounds more like a beautiful fantasy or a scene from a classical soda TV advertisement than reality?

Let`s not mix the joyful mood we just created with the reality of furious people rushing through supermarkets, all the shades of crazy family dramas going on and other kinds of emotional triggers that usually happen during the holiday season. Even though we would love to think of Christmas as a warm light, peace and love-filled celebration, life works out in other ways. Some people go through grief or loneliness so all the brightness and loudness around them just feels wrong. Some spend the Christmas eve apart from their families or working in night shifts. An some just don`t find it meaningful at all. Whatever the case, we have few life-saving tips how to deal with the emotional pressure and stay strong, sane and happy.



Wrapping up gifts for all your family and friends, making the dough for gingerbread cookies from scratch, running from one holiday party straight to another, spending all your money, time and nerves just to play out the perfect Christmas scenario everyone knows and everyone follows seemingly so well… Who`s got the biggest and thickest Christmas tree, drowned in Pantone-coordinated color decorations? Who`s got the prettiest dress, thinnest waist, wisest children, tastiest pies, the best-est of all the holiday traditions out there? Step out of this silent competition and just do it your way. You want to stay in at Christmas eve, watching Netflix and snacking on chips? So do it – and own it! You might be called Grinch with not running along and not paying enough attention to all the people around you but who cares, really – as long as you and your family is happy and in a totally peaceful state of mind. Because in the end, that`s what really matters.



And YES, you do have time for it! Indulging in a multi-masking routine with candles and super early sleep time instead of a mad party filled with drinks and bad decisions? That my dear is not being old, it`s being smart, decisive and being wise about yourself. Why don`t you have a breath of fresh air – go outside and take a walk in a forest instead on bingeing by the TV, watching countless Christmas romance movies and fighting down the amount of food leftovers? Or take a warm steamy bath, infused with aromatherapy oils and comforting-scented foams, followed by a rich application of a soothing body oil, just massaging your body down from head to toes. With plenty of time-off these days, you can also try our multi-masking routine and enjoy the good holiday skin.



To your dearest ones and yourself as well. Are you connected to who you really are and what you actually want? Whether it`s a connection to your long-lost friend (it`s the time of forgiveness), connection to your own identity and digging deep to finally get to know yourself or connecting to nature and our planet by incorporating new values you find meaningful – it`s all about cherishing and develop the ties you find important. Know how you want to feel and spent this season and say no to everything that falls out of your limits – yes, just like that!