You think the bar soap is an oldschool beauty and hygiene staple that`s loved only by your grandmother? Be ready to change your mind as this bathroom classic is having a very stylish and sophisticated comeback.

There is something so romantic and nostalgic about the bar soaps. They indicate not only the beauty care or hygene, but also the birth of modern preventive medicine. While our grandmothers are convinced it`s the only beauty secret needed for maintaining a smooth skin even at very respectable age, Millennials are said to be completely ignoring this beauty classic.

And we can see the reason why. Due to popularity explosion of liquid soaps and shower gels, the bar soap became the nerdy and humble cousin of body washes. But as the world is switching it`s values and reaching for organic ingredients, tasteful design and sensory experiences of skin care more than ever, the bar soap is back in the hall of fame.

The bar soap provides a highly sensual and decorative experience as it comes in different textures, shapes and scents which turn the moments spent in bathroom in a SPA-worthy experience we all can rehearse at home. It just feels more luxurious – after all, sniffing a plastic bottle doesn`t feel very indulgent.


Sensory experience
Smooth or exfoliating textures, stress-relieving or energizing scents and clouds of foam create an experience that helps you float one feet above the ground. The bar soap is one of the elements of turning your bathroom into a DIY-SPA oasis. Plus, it smells incredibly good – dark and tangy notes of orris and pine found in Charcoal Detox soap remind of a revitalising swim in an unspoilt forest lake. Meanwhile, the bright, uplifting notes of cedar and lime found in Volcano soap dispel all your grumpiness and fatigue.

Great as a gift
When you want to give just a little something, this is the way to go. You know the struggle of finding the perfect “small but cute” gift for a guy? Hey, look no further! Also the bar soap is just like a business card of the beauty brand that tells a lot about its values by one product.

Environment friendly
Researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich comfirm that the bar soap requires one-fifth of the energy to produce compared to liquid soap. Bar soaps usually come in a little paper wrapper or a carton box which makes it more friendly to our planet.

Design element
In addition to all the good benefits provided for your skin, bar soaps are such an amazing accent in every bathroom. If you take a stroll through the most hip design stores, you`ll see soap dishes in all kinds of colors and designs – marble, rose gold, stone and others. Here`s a way how to create an Instagram-ready bathroom.

Good for your skin
Bar soaps contain only the necessary ingredients rather than preservatives commonly used in liquid washes. MÁDARA bar soaps are based on natural coconut oil. Sulfate, palm and microplastic free, this oil is long-known for its skin hydrating and nurturing benefits. Charcoal Detox soap benefits from the amazing purifying power of charcoal – it draws out toxins and impurities to deeply, yet gently, cleanse your skin. Meanwhile, the black lava in Volcano soap gently removes all impurities and dead cells, leaving your skin refreshed, nourished and silky smooth.


€8.95 € 7.16


€8.95 € 7.16