Discover the fragrant notes and inspiration behind the new moisture soaps.

From French art de vivre (art of living) to Danish hygge (the ultimate coziness), from Japanese shinrin yoku (forest bathing) to Latvian pirts (sauna), the sacred formula of wellbeing and happiness remains alike – it is to be found in the simplest of things. The new collection of MÁDARA perfumed moisture soaps unwinds the senses and worships the luxury of warmth, scent, touch and sound. What was just a shower once, now turns into a moment of bliss. 

The inspiration for the new hand and body washes and their fragrances finds its roots in the tradition Latvian rituals that deepen the connection between a human being, nature and universe, bringing back the balance and harmony. Over thousands of years our harsh and cold Northern climate has allowed plants to evolve with extraordinary properties and rich in aromatic molecules. Those deep roots, bitter leaves, gnarled barks and gentle flowers have healed wounds and saved lives.

Local Northern plants play a crucial role in the Latvian traditional culture and ethno medicine. They are believed to have mythical powers and abilities to heal, beautify, harmonize, protect from the evil and bring luck and happiness.

«During the creative process, we selected jasmine, absinthe and lemon balm/thyme as the key fragrant notes for the new soap collection to express three radically different moods. This fragrant trio embodies three different characters – upon the first contact with water they start to reveal their own unique olfactive stories.» 
—Lubova, MÁDARA perfumer


with aromatic essences of jasmine and meadowsweet

White, sensual, milky and fresh, INFUSION BLANC captures the mystery of a Northern midsummer night – the shortest and most magical night when everything is possible and sun never really sets down. Lovers, strangers, friends and families gather around the bonfire and the fire keeps burning all night long as a symbol of light’s victory over the darkness. Women wear flower crowns, and the plants give their blessing to the wearer as they faint. 

It's a gentle and sensual bouquet at the heart of INFUSION BLANC, made out of white flowers, typical to a Northern summer, and paired with this honey-sweet and dizzy scent of Northern meadowsweet that grows in the damp Northern meadows and drives the bees crazy. Believed to have mystical healing powers and well-known for its rejuvenating and skin-clarifying benefits due to the antioxidant and salicylic acid content, meadowsweet is a wild herb that has long been used as a beauty and health remedy.

Butterfly orchid, another note captured in this floral composition, release its heavenly scent only in the dark.

«One of my midsummer rituals is to go outside and smell the wild orchids that grow by the forest a short walk away from my countryside cottage. All Northern orchids are rare and protected plants, so our perfumer had to compose the scent from another natural aromatic molecules.» —Lotte, MÁDARA founder and creative director 

The noble notes of flowering jasmine try to give some poise to this midsummer craze that blends day and night into a never-ending sensual adventure. INFUSION BLANC is a summer at the peak of blossoming, countryside cottage, sunlit bedroom and crispy fresh white linen. The pearly texture transforms into luxurious foam leaving the skin clean, silky soft and moisturized.

Character: light, milky, slightly sweet


with horsetail, thyme and lemon balm

Verdant, crisp and uplifting, INFUSION VERT captures the dewy freshness of Northern meadows early in the morning. 

«It's the scent of when I sip my tea on the cottage terrace looking at a misty meadow, then go to the garden to pick some fresh greens for the breakfast.» —Lotte, MÁDARA founder and creative director 

Green equals moisture. Sun dries out the plants, changing lush greens and blue greens into the yellows. Such diversity of green hues can only be seen and smelled in June in our Northern hemisphere, where sunshine otherwise is almost a luxury. 

INFUSION VERT unfolds with the fresh and sunny lemon balm, used as remedy to reduce stress and relax, and aromatic essences of thyme, a typical inhabitant of the wild Northern meadows. Used in relaxing infusions and as a spice for cooking, a recent study discovers that molecules of thyme essential oil stimulates brain neurons to release hormones of joy and happiness. The scent, followed by the crisp, fresh green notes of horsetail, might remind someone of freshly cut grass, a scent often associated with one's childhood. Soothing notes of violet flowers and tea settle this verdant and lively bouquet of greens. 

Character: verdant, crisp, uplifting



with aromatic essences of cool mint and bitter absinthe

Here it is – a super heady choice for him and for her. Balsamic and healing, dark and intoxicating, the fragrance of MINT ABSINTHE is an adventurous walk on the razor's edge of the bitter and the sweet. The infusion of herbal bitter absinthe with a boost of refreshing ice-cool mint is rounded off with the green freshness of pine and cypress.

A symbol of decadence, Artemisa Absinthum is multifaceted. Used in healing herbal infusions and medical rubs, due to its active ingredient – absinthine.

MINT ABSINTHE blend finds its inspiration also in the tradition of Latvian pirts or sauna. Sauna is almost a spiritual health and healing ritual for both body and mind. Many powerful aromatic plants are used during this ultimate wellbeing practice to balance chakras (the ancient Latvian healing practice calls them saulītes or little suns). Artemisa is one of the most commonly used plants in the magical sauna rituals to clarify body and thoughts from the negative energy.  

Character: balsamic, dark, intoxicating