From holographic beauty to anti-pollution cosmetics and nude makeup – discover the hottest trends and the most exciting MÁDARA launches coming your way in 2018. 


If K-Beauty stands for the world-famous Korean beauty, N-Beauty stands for the northern one.

Northern nature with its forests, unspoilt lakes, meadows and coastal areas is a very inspirational source of ingredients. The population of the Baltic region is rather small, which means vast areas of untouched nature. Forests cover more than 50% of the territory of Latvia, ensuring great biodiversity and availability of pure resources.

N-Beauty is also related to the rather introverted northern mentality. What is on the inside has always been more important than the looks – and this is probably why we value laconic forms and a minimalist approach to appearance.  

Northern Beauty trend by Madara Cosmetics

Innovation is another important part of the culture. No secret that the northern climate can be harsh to the skin. For example, one in four people in Finland experience climate-related skin problems, such as atopic skin. Wind, cold and indoor heat dries the skin leaving it more vulnerable and sensitive – less able to tolerate harsh ingredients, such as synthetic preservatives, colourants and perfumes. So we, northern people, have been forced to master the art of skin care by creating extremely replenishing, yet mild and soothing products for the most demanding types of skin. 

Madara Daily Defence CreamThus, N-Beauty is all about quality raw materials, minimalistic design and serious innovation, driven by the necessity to take good care of our skin without irritating it.

What to try?
Daily Defence Cream, our flagship multi-tasker for dry winter (and post-summer) skin. Tested in extreme weather conditions beyond the Polar Circle.

What to expect from MÁDARA in 2018?
New breakthrough formulations, based on fabulous northern ingredients, that will take N-beauty to a whole new level. 


Read anti-pollution, think anti-ageing. As scientists estimate, environmental factors are responsible for up to 90% of the first signs of ageing. The bad guys, called free radicals, do their dirty job, leaving your skin less firm and radiant, clogging pores, causing congested skin and breakouts. You notice the first lines appearing and the glow disappearing. Yep, this has very much to do with the environment. 

Be aware this is not only an issue for dwellers of the world’s largest and most polluted metropolises. OK, you probably don’t live in Zabol (currently known for the worst air on the planet), yet the exposed areas of your skin are subjected to environmental stress, caused by sun and screen radiation, toxins, heavy metal particles, pollutants and harmful bacteria every single day. Environmental factors do their damage without asking your permission. 

Anti-Pollution Skin Care 2018

Prevention is smarter than treatment – shield your skin from damaging UV rays and urban pollution. Pay special attention to the exposed areas of your skin. Fully protected, the skin is less prone to premature ageing, pigmentation and loss of elasticity.

Smart Antioxidants by MadaraWhat to try?
Smart Antioxidants range, dedicated to urban dwellers in their 30s and late 20s, is able to neutralise free radical damage and even reverse the damage done.

What to expect from MÁDARA in 2018?
The spring will bring you a full spectrum of natural anti-pollution and UVA/UVB protection benefits. Our breakthrough formulations will raise the bar for organic skin care, giving you a super cool, natural replacements for conventional, usually synthetic must-haves you should be using all year round.


By the beginning of every new year, Pantone Colour Institute forecasts global colour trends and announces the colour of the year. Enigmatic, provocative and thoughtful, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet has been selected as the official shade of 2018. The institute strives to go beyond what’s trending and selects a symbol of what is going on and is needed in the world today.

According to the Institute, Ultra Violet is enigmatic, inventive, imaginative and thoughtful – it lights the way of what is yet to come. Other colours to steal the spotlight this year? Mustard, orange, yellow. They go well with Ultra Violet, don't they?

Ultra Violet Beauty Trend 2018

What to expect from MÁDARA in 2018?
What does Ultra Violet make you think of? Could it be the sun with its D-vitamin inducing, yet harmful-to-overdose UV rays? That's what we thought of! Once the sunny season sets in, MÁDARA will be ready to replace your synthetic sunscreen with a natural (and also sophisticated, divinely scented, finely textured and simply amazing) one!


Call it as you wish – happiness, wellbeing, hygge, comfort, joy, art of living, the ultimate satisfaction. The self-love and self-care trend is growing hugely this year, encouraging you to do good for yourself in all ways imaginable – both physically and emotionally.

As for skin care, mood-boosting actives and sensory qualities become no less important than product functionality, allowing you to escape rush, enjoy time for yourself and transform your daily routines into rituals where every detail has been considered – texture, tactile features, colour, scent and even how the packaging feels and looks. Because why settle for less? 

Body Care and Wellbeing by Madara Cosmetics

Infusion Vert and Infusion Blanc by Madara

What to try?
Discover the new MÁDARA body care range, infused with Neuro Wellbeing Bio-Complex and sophisticated aromas, typical to northern flora. Due to the unique ingredients and formulations, the new range is potent enough to stimulate collagen synthesis, prevent neuroageing and allow you to experience your moment of bliss in the middle of a challenging daily life.


N-beauty is strongly related to sustainability values. Every choice, even skin care related, goes deeper than skin. It has a deeper impact on the community and the environment. Be aware of all the invisible things you choose and stand for through choosing the things you buy. Be picky and don’t buy lots of stuff. Buy your favourite stuff only.

What to expect from MÁDARA in 2018?
VOLCANO and CHARCOAL soap bars with a new, even more sustainable base are just a few weeks away. Can't wait to introduce the amazing signature scents they will bring along!


Daring luminescent and neon shades, as well as holographic textures steal the show in 2018. And they are truly captivating – inspired by fashion shows, S/S 2018 collections and marvellous Pinterest boards, we catch ourselves longing for a splash of colour and shine in our lives, and the new crush is also entering MÁDARA skin care.

Holographic Beauty Trend 2018

What to expect from MÁDARA in 2018?
Await RE:GENE, a new high-performance anti-ageing essential with a super cool, luminescent texture that will reshape your colour preferences as well as your facial oval.


As spotted backstage of many S/S 2018 fashion shows, a nude, barely-there makeup trend is taking the fashion world over. Loved by designers and makeup artists, the flawless, yet dewy, radiant finish can be attained by preferring non-powdery foundation that delivers lightweight coverage – just enough to even out your complexion and correct slight skin tone imperfections, like dullness, redness and sallowness, as well as some occasional breakouts. PRO TIP: Don’t strive for a matte finish. A little, natural shine rules the season!   


Nude Makeup Beauty Trend 2018

City CC by Madara: Colour Correcting Creams SPF15

What to expect from MÁDARA in 2018?
Discover MÁDARA City CC Creams with SPF15 that combine powerful skin care benefits with a beautifying action for instantly perfected complexion. A must-have for every urbanista! Coming soon!


Starting to triumph a few seasons ago, this trendy ingredient is not going anywhere. Activated charcoal is a potent skin care ingredient to bind toxins and purify your pores, and it also helps to renew and repair your skin. What we also like about it – charcoal turns your skin care experience a little dirty. Seductively dirty. 

Charcoal in Cosmetics: Rejuvenation and Detox

Smart Antioxidants Anti-Pollution Mask with Charcoal and MudWhat to try?
Smart Antioxidants Anti-Pollution Charcoal & Mud Repair Mask – reduces the first signs of ageing and helps to recharge it with energy and glow, making you feel quite sexy along the way.

What to expect from MÁDARA in 2018?
Discover another facet of charcoal as the key ingredient of MÁDARA detox soap, infused with dark, mysterious aroma. Coming soon!


Wiser choices beat inconsiderate ones, and it’s more and more common to examine ingredients and labels. Your prefer ethical, sustainable products, want to produce less waste and contribute to more clever usage of resources. The world demands cleaner, safer and more natural products without compromising on sensory qualities (silky, luxury textures and refined aromas), or effectiveness. We believe it’s more than just a trend – what was once a niche option, has become a default demand.

Madara Organic Skincare

Madara founder Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere“When MÁDARA pioneered scientific research of natural northern ingredients a decade ago, the international community was still obsessed with synthetic raw materials.

Over these 10 years, I have observed a dramatic shift of preference towards natural ingredients. Scientists are literally rushing to the forest looking for the next big thing. And I am so glad we were one of the first in that forest of nature-focused innovation.”

– Lotte, MÁDARA founder