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With the unexpected worldwide pandemic, came 180-degree changes in our everyday lives and global trends. But which of them are here to stay? We asked our friend Edgars Petersons, the partner and strategic mind at the WKND creative agency, to share his predictions on the matter.

How will The New Normal look like? Let’s find out.

Enjoyable experiences at home, MADARA Cosmetics

Enjoyable experiences at home

During self-isolation, we most probably rediscovered our own home more – we cleaned, we decorated and got creative with setups to enjoy out-of-home experiences in the comfort of our own kitchen (so, this is my restaurant), desk (aaand here’s my office), sofa (let’s go to the movies) or bathroom (need some me time at my private SPA resort).

Digitalised life

When it comes to the application of technology, we have all progressed 10 years in 4 weeks. Working or learning remotely is here to stay for many of us. Less commuting, more quality-time, and reduced CO2 emissions are just some of the benefits of the digitalised life.

Medical professionals have stated that during the lockdown, the demand for remote medical consultations has increased. Hospitals and other institutions have adopted online consultation policies.

Online shopping experiences have become more inspiring and entertaining than ever.
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More health conscious

Health and immunity are amongst the most searched keywords since February 2020. For some of us, the worldwide lockdown gave plenty of free time, which many used to focus on fitness, healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Thinking more about your daily choices is a great way to contribute to your health and wellbeing. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t change everything at once (who can?) – we all start with baby steps, right? Drink that extra glass of water, walk that extra mile or examine your moisturiser label to see if you can switch to something more natural, health-conscious and eco-friendly.


Hygiene habits have changed changed for good

It is estimated that COVID-19 will push significant behavioural change when it comes to personal hygiene. Frequent hand washing and always keeping a sanitiser close by is not going anywhere. Scientists estimate that social behaviour such as shaking hands or kissing (oh, no!) may fade and that people will keep on practicing social distancing to some extent.

Although we do hope that they are wrong about kissing, who knows, maybe the 2-metre distance in shops will remain the silent rule for good. Remember to keep yourself safe at all times. Check out our dedicated range of hand cleansers and hygiene essentials and always have a good sanitiser at hand.

Enjoyable experiences at home, MADARA Cosmetics
Enjoyable experiences at home, MADARA Cosmetics

Opening up about mental health issues and self-care

This time has been an extreme challenge for all of us, and it’s good to see and hear people opening up about mental health issues a lot more. We are all looking for things and little rituals that make us feel better during these turbulent times. Be it yoga, meditation, jogging, music, good books, sounds of nature, trees or plants – find your self-care essentials that give you strength and joy, helping to overcome those little daily worries.

Sadly, we have also had to face the fact that for some, mental and psychological issues led to the home being an unsafe environment– the reported domestic violence cases during the COVID-19 pandemic have almost doubled. This is something we all should recognise, call by its name and do what we can to help people escape toxic relationships and devastating life patterns. Every year, MÁDARA donates to the NGO MARTA, which grants financial, legal and psychological support to victims of domestic violence and human trafficking – mostly women and children.

Consuming with consciousness

During this time, we had a moment to re-evaluate what the most important things are in our lives. Re-prioritising values leads to more thought-out and value-driven choices – greener, cleaner, safer and more sustainable for both your own health and the health of the environment. Ethical and community-support values are also in the spotlight, as we have realised that we do in fact all share one planet.


Read about how MÁDARA contributes to conscious consumption in our latest

Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance (ESG) Report.

Green shaming and flight shaming are at the peak, but don’t freak out – we truly believe that even small steps count. See what you can do, and do it at your pace. Some companies have already made an impact in a creative way. For example, a fintech company in Sweden has issued credit cards which count the amount of each user’s CO2 footprint, and if the limit has been reached, the user is no longer allowed to use the card. Ouch!