Mushrooms are taking over and changing the world for the good. The new power player of 2019 is chanterelle – a mushroom with amazing hair care benefits. Lock the power of fungi in your locks!


Mushrooms are the power players in nearly every industry right now. From cuisine to medicine, a new source of electrical energy, packaging, artificial leather and biofuel, there are countless possibilities for using the mushroom as a substance in creating products and services that are so meaningful in our everyday lives. Not only are fungi essential to life on the planet, they can also help humanity tackle various problems. And as it turns out, the most common hair care worries are among them.


Boasting a 7,000-year history of use, mushrooms are long-known to be hair care heroes, containing anti-inflammatory ingredients and plenty of antioxidants that help build up barrier strength for healthy and resilient hair.

Like the rest of the body, healthy hair requires the delivery of vital nutrients to the hair follicles. A deficiency of these nutrients, as well as external factors like harsh chemical treatments, unhealthy lifestyle, and prolonged illness can cause hair problems like hair loss, damaged strands, thinning hair, and more.

Mushrooms are a good source of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, which are all useful in both promoting healthy and strong hair and preventing hair loss and other problems.


People in Nordic regions have always appreciated the chanterelle mushroom as a precious gift of nature, which explains the centuries-long tradition of mushroom picking every autumn. And it truly deserves to be called nature`s gold – especially when it comes to hair care. Chanterelle contains among the highest known natural concentrations of B vitamins, it has anti-bacterial, microbial and fungal properties, and it is high in vitamin C, D and potassium.

While chanterelle vitamins care for the health of the scalp, beta-glucan molecules present in chanterelles protect the hair fibres. 12 amino acids, 5 nucleic acids and 32 more bioactive molecules including powerful antioxidants provide protecting, stimulating and antimicrobial effects. These high levels of valuable ingredients make chanterelle a hair care superhero, the potential of which has now been unlocked in the unique hair care line by MÁDARA.


Team of B vitamins
B vitamins help carry oxygen and nutrients to your scalp, which aids in hair growth. Chanterelle is a powerhouse of B vitamins, like B3 – Niacin, which improves blood circulation to the scalp and promotes hair growth. It also boosts the production of keratin. B5, known as pantothenic acid, improves damaged strands, boosts hair elasticity, moisture retention and flexibility. B7 or Biotin promotes hair growth by renewing the hair follicles that are already growing. Biotin helps the synthesis of the protein keratin and it carries oxygen to the cells in the scalp and follicles, keeping them healthy.

Silicone-like smoothness
Fungi contain a number of polysaccharide types including alpha-glucans and beta-glucans. Beta-glucans stimulate cellular growth and tissue repair as well as mediate inflammatory processes – these properties are essential for a healthy scalp. Moreover, beta-glucans have hair-coating properties comparable to the properties of hair care silicones.




MÁDARA has become the first cosmetics brand to unleash the unique hair grow-boosting potential of the chanterelle mushroom that hasn`t been explored and discovered – until now. After in-depth studies of the powerful chanterelle ingredient composition, we unlocked its grow-boosting properties in a very unique hair care line.