Yes, without heavy layers of foundation – actually, without any makeup at all. Dare to go bare with these skin care and lifestyle tips that will help you achieve a sheer and healthy radiance in no time.

We all want that vacation-worthy skin that looks well-rested, radiant, hydrated and nurtured. Is it possible to get the effect without a plane ticket to Maldives? This is a pretty hard task during fall and winter, when our skin is facing the pollution buildup and drastic changes of temperature (lfor example, when leaving your warm bed in the morning to go outside, straight into the ice kingdom), but fear not – we have a guide to help you glow from within. Yes, that`s right – without any highlighters, makeup layers or exotic vacations (although, the latter wouldn`t hurt at all).


The rule No1 to a natural glow from within is water – and plenty of it! Drinking water improves your overall body`s health and also your biggest organ – skin. But don`t forget about hydrating the outter layer of skin as well. Toner ir like a glass of water for your skin, so don`t skip this step if you`re seeking for a true radiance. Think of your skin as a dry sponge – it has to be moistened first for the foam to sink in, otherwise it will just sit on the top of the sponge. Remember, even the fanciest foundation won`t help if it`s applied on a dry skin, so stay true to your hydrating habits.


The best results are achieved by sticking to your favorite skin care ritual that involves cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, nourishing and protecting from all the various agressors your skin is facing on a daily basis. While few of these steps are self-explainatory, some of them are often forgotten or done too rarely. For example, exfoliating is one of the best methods of fighting dull complexion. Treat your pores with an extra attention by using gentle, yet effective scrubs, AHA fruit acid peels and detox masks. By the way, here is a cool guide of multimasking routines that will help you get that glow in less than 15 minutes.

Another step we would like to point out one more time is a protective skin routine, as the pollution and sun exposures are the main reason for skin ageing. Wear SPF30 on your face and neck every day even in winter and enjoy the natural radiance you`ll achieve.


Of course, it doesn`t stop with a precisely choosed skin care ritual or drinking few liters of water a day. You have to pay attention to a skin-friendly lifestyle which also includes good rest (hey, it`s called beauty sleep for a reason!). Sleep is a vital step for every aspect of metabolism, and of course, it has a huge role in skin`s health so try to get at least seven to eight hours of good rest every night.

Keep in mind that you can eat your way to a fabulous skin. That`s a reason why you should stick to that trendy avo-toast – and other foods with healthy fats like nuts, salmon, spinach. Fruits and veggies are an amazing source of antioxidants. Also a workout is one of the best ways how your body fights the oxidative stress on your skin. Exercising gets your blood flowing and that improves your complexion.


Turn your everyday skin care ritual into a facial massage by stimulating the skin with your fingers. When applying serum or face oil, let it sink in by lightly tapping the skin with the tip of your fingers for few minutes. This will get the blood moving and wake up your whole complexion – and the more you stimulate your skin, the more it will wake up. For an especially inhanced ritual, use a skin care concentrate (like these Antioxidant Energiser Booster Ampoules) or Radiant Energy Organic Facial Oil, and use it as a facial massage oil.