Ready to create some great festival memories?
Here`s how to have fun and still be crazy in love with your skin.

Going to festivals feels like going down the rabbit hole – you disappear from the civilised world for three days where the wildest and most unexpected things can happen. Adventures, going crazy for your favourite band, a dancing marathon and endless fun – sure, but also some unexpected skin dilemmas and problems that might ruin your day and the memories afterwards.

But this won`t happen if you plan ahead and take good care of your skin.
Here`s your survival plan to stay beautiful.


It`s going be a dirtfest, baby! Imagine spending more than 8 hours in a field with thousands of dancing people who throw dust, dirt, sweat, and everything else into the air. There is one golden rule you MUST stick to, even when you crawl into your tent at sunrise totally exhausted – you have to cleanse and do it properly. The layer of grease, dirt, sunscreen, glitter and other substances can irritate and sabotage your skin the very next day and afterwards, so no excuses here. Choose micellar water to clean the day away and feel refreshed.


Taking a face mask to a festival? If someone calls you crazy just tell them they`re right – you`re crazy in love with your skin. SOS Hydra Mask Moisture + Radiance works as an intense treatment for your skin and provides moisturising, conditioning, toning, smoothing and antioxidant effects. Apply it when going to sleep and let it work its magic while you`re resting. Because we believe that beauty sleep can even be possible in a tent.


Heat, sun rays, late nights, not the healthiest choice of food and drink – all of this can add up and make your skin look dull and dehydrated. Your skin needs an extra dose of love. Give it a pick-me-up boost by choosing SOS Hydra Recharge Cream which hydrates, replenishes and calms dehydrated and stressed skin to restore youthful radiance. Plus, you can use it as a hand cream or apply it to other dry areas.


The only bag you should be carrying around is the coolest bum bag on your hips, not ones that form under your eyes. Fight the signs of fatigue, partying and sleepless nights by applying small drops of a potent but gentle formula on the delicate skin around your eyes. Smart antioxidants anti-fatigue eye rescue cream boosts circulation and strengthens capillaries to depuff and reduce dark circles, as well as brighten up the eye area.


We bet that on the last day of the festival all you are dreaming about is a long, steamy shower. Make it even more divine by taking the Exfoliating oil-to-milk scrub in the shower with you. It will purify the pores and polish the surface of your skin, remove dead cells, pollutant buildup, dust and impurities, leaving your skin velvety soft, fresh and radiant. Save just the good vibes from the festival.


Tent, sleeping bag, your trusted wellies – you don`t have the space for those huge bottles of face toner and moisturiser. This is why you should equip yourself with a nice, light and well thought-out travel set, like this MADARA Fab Skin Jet Set. It will help you purify the skin, protect it from pollutants and boost hydration.