11/03/2020 | by Lotte Tisenkopfa-Iltnere

MADARA Cleanser Products

Cleansing? Easy game. But did you know it can lead to excess oiliness, sensitivity or even dehydration when carried out harshly?

We’re starting a series of skincare advice, and first things first — let’s talk about clean skin.

The purpose of this fundamental step is to remove impurities, dust, environmental toxins, makeup, and also the natural buildup of oil and sweat. But cleansing can have its dirty side, too — if we choose formulas that are too aggressive, the active molecules, called surfactants, can damage the skin’s natural moisture and protective barrier.

 MADARA How to use Cleansers?

“Cleansing can have its dirty side, too.”


Overcleansed skin is forced to produce more oil, as it is trying to restore its natural moisture and protective barrier. This is often an issue for people with oily or combination skin, who tend to choose aggressive products to control oiliness. The more they dry their skin, the oilier it gets.

Aggressive cleansing and antibacterial ingredients can disturb your skin’s microbiome. But a balanced microbiome keeps your skin healthy. So, when choosing a cleanser, don’t overlook mildness in the search for effectiveness — good cleansers combine both.

 MADARA Face Cleanser
MADARA Face Cleanser


Cleansing is more of a two step process – especially if you use makeup and sunscreen. Double cleansing includes using an oil-based cleanser first to dissolve and remove oil-soluble makeup, foundation and sunscreen. Then you follow with a water-based cleanser, such as mild foam or milk, that will remove any last traces.



Double cleansing is important when it comes to your eye contour skin. We don’t want any rubbing, stretching and irritations here — which often happens if you’re trying to get rid of stubborn makeup or waterproof mascara using harsh formulas. So, for this area — use only gentle sweeping motions, with micellar water or gentle makeup remover, wiping away the residue afterwards using a cleansing milk.

MADARA Face Cleanser


With every respect for water-saving initiatives and keeping in mind the remarkable advantages of no-rinse cleansers (such as micellar water), it is still better to wash surfactant-containing formulas off, unless you are on the go. This will keep your skin barrier protected, and will prevent cleanser molecules from penetrating the skin.



A good cleanse before you go to bed is a must, especially if you are living in urban or agricultural areas. You want to get rid of that environmental buildup — micro dust, heavy metal particles and pollutants — landing on the surface of your skin throughout the day.

Wash your face with a rinse-off cleanser every night. More advanced anti-pollution cleansing can be performed with detoxifying masks, enriched with toxin-absorbing ingredients. Sapropelic mud, for example, contains a high dose of humic acids that bind heavy metals. Other champions — active charcoal and clay. Take a look at MÁDARA Detox Mask and/or Smart Anti-Pollution Mask.

Wearing makeup? Always remove it before heading to bed. And no excuses here! Sleeping beauties, who refuse to do this, wake up with clogged pores, dull skin, and a few more pimples here and there. Give your skin the rest it deserves!

MADARA Face Cleanser


While evening cleansing is a must, if your skin is dry, you can skip using a cleanser in the morning. Go for this old Hollywood trick instead — just wash your face with ice cold water for the ultimate freshness and toning effect. However, combination and oily skin will be thankful for more proper cleansing — start your day with a refreshing touch of Purifying Foam.



Our skin is naturally acidic with a pH balance of 5–5.5. Tap water is normally pH 7–9, which means that after every cleansing the skin’s pH balance gets disturbed. It takes hours to restore it! Toner helps to restore this balance quickly, maintaining a healthy acidic mantle of the skin.

A good toner also helps you to make the most of your moisturiser. Penetration-enhancing ingredients help the moisturiser molecules migrate deeper into the skin, increasing their hydrating and age-defying benefits.

MADARA Face Cleanser


Natural fruit acids (AHA) peel your skin and remove dead skin cells, boosting your skin’s natural renewal cycle. Exfoliation gives each skin type what it needs — for dryer skin types, it improves moisture absorption. For oilier skin types, it helps to avoid breakouts by unclogging pores. Mild exfoliators leave your skin smoother, shrink pores, promote glow and a more even skin tone. Scrub is a good alternative — but please note it should only be used on intact skin, and never during acute inflammation or breakouts. Take a look at MÁDARA AHA Peel Mask and Exfoliating Oil-to-Milk Scrub.

 MADARA Cleanser Foam


+ Gentle to the skin barrier

+ Skin-compatible pH

+ Respectful to the microbiome (no antibacterials)

+ Biodegradable and eco-conscious


MADARA Melting Cleansing Oil


This sophisticated oil melts away impurities, longwear makeup and mineral sunscreen. Self-emulsifying upon contact with water, easy to rinse off. Based on nourishing oils and skin barrier-repairing ceramides.

Perfect for: dry, mature, fragile and sensitive skin.

The 1st step in double cleansing.

MADARA Cleansers Makeup Remover


A must-have for every makeup lover! Combining both oil and water, this clever bi-phase formula easily wipes away heavy or longwear makeup without stretching the skin.

Perfect for: eyes, face, lips.

The 1st step in double cleansing.

MADARA Face Cleanser


This award-winning multi-tasker removes impurities and makeup. It is OK not to rinse it off if you are on the go or sitting in the makeup artist’s high-chair. A festival and travel favourite!

Perfect for: all skin types, teenage acne, adult acne, eyes, face, lips.

The 1st step in double cleansing.

MADARA Cleansing Milk


The king of cleansers – and a nice one! Powerful but gentle. Its formula works almost like a pampering moisturiser, packed with precious natural oils, soothing jasmine and hyaluronic acid.

Perfect for: dry, mature, sensitive skin, adult acne, rosacea, eye contour.

The 2nd step in double cleansing.

MADARA Purifying Foam


This iconic cleanser is the No. 1 bestselling MÁDARA product of all time. With just the right dose of natural surfactants, it is super effective, yet gentle to the skin barrier.

Perfect for: all skin types, oily skin, teenage and adult acne.

The 2nd step in double cleansing.