Illustration: Kristīne Martinova.


Take off your makeup! But what about that selfie game?! Here are few steps to achieve a perfect glow (and photos) without damaging your skin with a heavy and sweaty coverage.

I have always thought that the gym reminds me of a wild animal kingdom. Females stretch the best angles of their bodies and flounce the trendiest active-wear collections like bright feathers, stressfully eyeing each other to evaluate the competition while males flex their muscles and make strange noises, just to prove their stamina and masculinity. I remember one Friday evening where two guys were working out (they actually had beer cans instead of water right next to their equipment) and I heard them saying: “Bro, let`s flex those muscles, then go out and bang some girls”. Seriously, it went exactly like that. And even if you don`t give a damn about the way you look or if anyone notices how radiant and poreless your complexion is today, the silent competition surrounding you just makes you feel kind of... awkward.

I know, I know, nobody goes to the gym to stare at others, they go to work on their physical abilities. At least that is what everyone says. Maybe I am not as dedicated to fitness as everyone else or just a bad person in general, but I must confess to something truly terrible. I do notice people around me. I notice the diva-worthy makeup with dark smoky eyes. I feel the heavy perfume that was most likely sprayed on the moment before going to the gym. And I am guilty of secretly raising an eyebrow after noticing all of this. It is found that 65% of women avoid the gym over the fear of being judged for looking “not fit enough”. But in truth there is no such thing as being “not fit enough” for the gym or anything else in life. No one will judge you because of the size of your leggings but they will judge your choice of showing up with full evening makeup (at least I will – because girl, that is just pure violence against your skin!). This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your precious gym selfie – here are just a few simple beauty steps to make you feel good and confident while you work on your own wellbeing.

Illustration: Kristīne Martinova.


So you think the first lesson of going to the gym is choosing the personal trainer to show you the baby steps for exercising? Wrong! Ok, maybe not really, but just as important is the rule of taking off your makeup pre-workout (mascara is fine as long as it is waterproof). Here comes the micellar water – a superhero for cleansing and moisturising your skin. You really should take off your makeup and dirt as heavy foundation and powder can block the pores, but your skin needs to sweat during the workout. You should also clean your skin right after sweating before your skin cools down, to wipe off sweat and grime before it gets trapped in the pores. So put it in your gym bag and thank us later.


Hey, we understand that sometimes a gym selfie is a must – some people really consider that the workout is not properly done if the selfie game is skipped, and that is ok. Or maybe you “accidentally” happen to visit the same gym as the person you have a crush on. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you – put on a light BB cream (Sun Flower, for example) pre-workout to moisturise the skin (super important), get a healthy glow and sheer coverage (just as important). Every gym has an air conditioner which makes sweating more bearable. But we must admit it takes a toll on your skin and beauty, which is why it has to be hydrated beforehand.


We`re not going to mention shower gel as it is a self-evident staple of every gym bag (choose one with a crisp, verdant aroma for an instant pick-me-up). The same goes for deodorant, but there is just a small tip to take note of – choose a natural-based deodorant that is free of the bad stuff.


After a tough workout the last thing skin craves is suffocating coverage of heavy foundation. But you know the rule – the moment you expect it least, you will run into the person you really didn’t expect to see (like that crush from high school who just won`t leave your mind, EVER). And the post-workout redness isn’t the most covetable look one could crave. Here is a tip – if you dare, take a cold shower as it will lower your body temperature and ward off the redness. To achieve a light, smooth and radiant complexion, apply a moisturiser like Deep Moisture cream and BB cream once again. It will give you beautiful and smooth coverage but you won`t have to sacrifice that hard-earnt post-workout glow.

So, what about that gym selfie? Well... If you do consider taking it (do you really, really need it? Like, really?!), be confident and own your sweaty face, flushed red cheeks and messy hair. No one should be pretty at the gym, and there is no need to put on a full evening look or be worried about what others might think of you either - because really, everyone should be working out, not staring around.