It might be hard to find another topic as discussable as eye creams. There are haters and believers, those who apply it religiously twice a day and then others who just call it a well-played marketing trick. So do you really need an eye cream, and how do you choose the right one? Science always has the answer!

There is no doubt that the skin under your eyes is extremely fragile and requires an extra dose of featherlight but effective love. And here`s a fact – the skin area there is ten times thinner than on your face. Because of the super delicate thinness of skin, this area is more vulnerable to environmental aggressors and pollution, so it dries out and shows the first lines much earlier.

Your eye area is moving constantly – just think of all the times you`ve blinked while reading this article and then multiply that to make a full day (approximately 10,000 times a day, to be precise). Each motion of your facial muscles directly targets the eye area as well – for example, when you smile, laugh, cry, raise your eyebrows or roll your eyes in annoyance. Now think of other bad guys affecting this area daily like UV rays, build up of pollution, temperature changes and many more. And we`re not even going to mention putting on and removing makeup. So the struggle this skin area is going through day by day is very real.

With the years passing by, the levels of collagen and elastin in the skin begin to decrease naturally, resulting in fine lines.

This really sounds like a heavyweight task for such a delicate fabric, right? This is why experts strongly believe that this area requires specially designed creams that are less irritating and heavyweight.





Respect the eye region

Show some respect to your elders – in this case, the skin around your eyes, which tends to age much faster than the rest of your face. The structure of it is different to other facial zones or your body, therefore it can get more irritated if the product used is the wrong match.

So when should you start using an eye cream? The correct answer is: yesterday! Ok, jokes aside, there really isn`t a correct time to start taking this important approach, and it is never too late to start. The sooner you start, the happier you`ll be when the years pass and that area is still under control. Because nobody wants to see those lines, right?

Too many people think that you should only start using it when the first line or signs of sagging appear, but actually early prevention and thoughtful skin care that includes using eye cream is the best way to live happily ever after with beautifully treated skin.

Insider tips

For a double cooling and de-puffing effect, store your eye cream in the fridge so you can apply a cooling product that gives some relief to that area.

Be cool, wear sunglasses all year long – yes, even during the winter, when the combination of sun and snow can provide an instant shock to your eyes.

How do you use it? Apply just a few drops of the cream (size of a pea for both eyes) on the skin and then lightly tap it with your ring finger for the least pressure, to work it into your skin.

One well-kept beauty secret is using the eye cream on your lips as well. It will keep them plump and nourished.