Some consider it an unnecessary step of skin care (“do we really need another bottle of something?!”) but in truth a toner is a very important part of your skin care regimen – here’s why.

Toners are products that correct skin-type related problems AND enhance absorption of a moisturiser. Dry skin gets soothed and calmed, combination skin gets balanced, oily skin gets regulated and mattified, and all skin types get a deeper hydration. The right toner can give your skin a healthy dose of what it needs to look younger, fresher, and smoother.

The main benefits of a toner remain unbeatable:

It gives your skin pH balance.

Our skin is naturally acidic with a pH balance of 5-5.5. Water is normally pH 7-9, it means that after every cleansing the pH balance of skin gets disturbed, giving chance for pathogenic bacterial to grow. Your skin needs to work overtime to restore the balance. Toner helps to restore this balance quickly, maintaining a healthy acidic mantle of the skin.

It maximises activity of your moisturiser.

A well-formulated toner contains penetration-enhancing ingredients that allow moisturising molecules migrate deeper into the skin, providing stronger hydrating and age-preventing effects.

Who should use a toner?

There is an ideal toner for every skin type. It’s just a matter of finding the perfect match. Toners containing alcohol and salicylic acid remove excess oil from the skin and can actually help prevent breakouts for those with oily, acne-prone, teenage skin. Toners with skin-identical moisturising molecules give comfort and rehydrate normal, dry, sensitive and mature skin. Floral waters gently correct skin problems – rose hydrates and softens, cornflower calms irritations and redness, while melissa balances the skin. Conditioning and astringent plant extracts are very effective to shrink the size of pores, strengthen capillaries and keep skin looking more bright and youthful.
Rule of thumb: apply moisturiser, while the toner is still wet on skin – it will help it to absorb.