The artwork from Katrīna Neiburga’s exhibition “HAIR” at contemporary art centre “KIM”. Photo Jānis Deinats.

What hairdo you’ve chosen to wear today? What inspired or pushed you to dye your locks ash blue or dirty punkish-green during teen years? Why your cut gets shorter and blunter with years passing by? Why does one prefer blondes over brunettes? Hair seems like an obvious matter, but the tales, personalities, reasons and point-of-views that escalate from this topic form a broad narrative worth exploring. That’s what the Latvian artist Katrīna Neiburga did, resulting in a solo show called HAIR.

Artist Katrīna Neiburga visited several hair dressers over the period of several months to get the unique hair style according to her facial structure, her aura, by reading the stars and according to their mood – fringes, chignons, locks and curls, braids and pony tails. Sharing stories about themselves and their clients, which have amassed almost like hair folklore over years of working in the trade. Hairdressers truly are something similar to therapists, almost like healers. As she admits, anyone who has tilted their head back and let the water flow through their hair clasped in a hair dresser’s hands will agree that there is something very intimate to this relationship.

The artist collected the experience of hairdresser appointments in a video.

Exhibited here: Hats made of a human hair.

Gathering video experiences with various hair dressers in kitchens, under the stars, and in bars, collecting preserved braids, cut off in childhood and experimenting with her own hairdos, Katrīna wove her unique impressions into the exhibition HAIR where live and dead hair speaks about current and former owners.

As MADARA paid such a strong attention to the structure and mechanical behavior of hair this spring with the new GROW hair care collection, we also participated in Katrīna’s new exhibition, cooperating in the making of her art directory.

The artist Katrīna Neiburga at the opening of the exhibition “HAIR”, 26.04. at contemporary art centre “KIM”.

The art directory is made in collaboration with MÁDARA and tells the broad Katrīna’s narrative of hair.

Two spreads of the art directory. On the left – the collection of preserved braids and the stories of them. On the right – photos of Katrīna’s art work.
Documentary photo by Filips Šmits.

Video from the opening of the exhibition. Every last Tuesday of the month, the artist Katrīna Neiburga creates various hairdos within the exhibition.
This Tuesday, she styled MÁDARA art designer’s Liene Drāzniece’s hair.



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