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Madara Cosmetics Ingredients

From aromatic meadowsweet to birch sap and even mushrooms – explore some of the most exquisite MÁDARA skincare ingredients and the formulas that capture their superpowers.
Illustrated by Zane Zlemesa.


Northern meadowsweet

Filipendula ulmaria

Northern meadowsweet, Organic Cosmetics

The northern hemisphere boasts an abundance of precious herbal plants and us, northerners, are still in close enough touch with nature to know how to find and use these healing gifts. Northern meadowsweet can be found flourishing in meadows and sunny forest edges, as well as bobbling out of water shores from June until early autumn.


When in bloom, meadowsweet captivates the senses with a scent that’s almost as sweet as honey.


Rich in vitamins A and C, meadowsweet has a soothing touch. Known for its calming properties, the cloud-like blossoms make a delicious herbal tea. Thanks to its subtly sweet scent, the herb is also used in home fragrance to bring a sense of calm to a room. While we wait for meadowsweet bloom, enjoy the anticipation of the magical northern summer with MÁDARA Infusion Blanc body care products.

Infusion Blanc Moisture soap
With jasmine and meadowsweet Learn More
Infusion Blanc Supreme Hydration body lotion
Lightweight formula, intense hydration. Learn More
Infusion Blanc Supreme Hydration hand cream
Sensationally silky moisture-locking cream. Learn More


Plant stem cells

Dracocephalum ruyschiana
Juniperus communis

With the help of innovative technologies, we are able to enjoy the unique benefits of endangered plant species, too.


As a primary tool of regeneration, plant stem cells pack a variety of bioactive ingredients in very high concentrations.


These special cells (that visually don’t resemble plants at all!) are grown in bioreactors, without harming even the most fragile of plants or their natural habitat. Stem cell technology also removes the need for large territories of land where cosmetic ingredients are traditionally grown.


We use stem cells from two different plants in our products.


The endangered, anti-oxidant rich northern dragonhead neutralises the harmful effects of UVA/UVB rays and prevents photodamage. Juniper, one of the oldest plants on the earth, is a rich source of active ingredients, too – it boasts excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Plant stem cells, Cosmetics
natural certified spf50 sunscreen
Pure mineral sunscreen emulsion for the face Learn More
Plant stem cell age-defying face sunscreen SPF30
Anti-pollution and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection Learn More
Plant Stem Cell Antioxidant Body Sunscreen SPF30
Broad spectrum UVA/UVA protection for body, hands and face  Learn More
Skin collagen matrix, pigmentation, age prevention Learn More
ACNE Intense Blemish & Pore Treatment
For oily, problem-prone skin Learn More
acne spot removal
Apply directly to the blemishes Learn More


Chanterelle fungi

Cantharellus cibarius

Chanterelle fungi Organic Cosmetics

Mushroom picking is every northerner’s favourite seasonal gamble, a game where great enthusiasm meets fierce competition. And our appreciation for these gifts of nature goes beyond putting them on the table – mushrooms are now recognised as powerful hair care heroes, too.


MÁDARA spent a long time searching for the ideal ingredient to replace synthetic silicone that’s widely used in hair products.


The answer was in front of us all along – in the northern forests. Long-term research confirms that the vitamin-rich Chanterelle extract promotes hair growth, restoring its natural strength, shine and vitality. Plus, it leaves your strands smooth and well-cared for.

Grow Volume Shampoo
Reactivates scalp, purifies and volumises hair Learn More
FEED Repair & Dry Rescue Hair Mask
Nurtures dry and damaged hair Learn More
fix grow booster
Reinforces, shapes and fixes Learn More


Birch juice

Betula alba

Who knows what made someone tap a birch tree and taste its sap, but there’s one thing we’re sure of – it was a damn good idea. In the north, where the earth comes to a frozen standstill during winter, birch sap is not only a sign of spring but also a cult drink.


What makes birch sap so precious is its short harvest period – only a few weeks per year, from when the frost retreats until the first leaves appear.


Studies show that birch sap accelerates dermal cell division by up to 25%, promoting skin regeneration and boosting the effectiveness of other active ingredients.

If your skin is in need of a boost after the long winter, try one of our Time Miracle formulas. Based on northern birch water, these skincare heroes offer intensive hydration and anti-aging benefits for tired, mature skin.

Plant stem cells, Cosmetics
Time Miracle Reface Sleep & Peel Overnight Serum
Gently exfoliates, supports skin recovery Learn More
Wrinke resist eye cream
For firmer and smoother eye contour  Learn More
RE:GENE  Optic Lift Eye Serum
Redefines and illuminates eye contour Learn More


Oils from the tiniest seeds

Northern meadowsweet, Organic Cosmetics

It’s no secret that Nordic people also love heading out into the wild to forage for berries. In autumn, our fingertips (and mouths) turn purple from blueberries and we’ll never reveal our secret cloudberry spots – even if you tickle us so hard we can’t breathe.


The tiny seeds of berries are a rich source of fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants.


The oils we use in MÁDARA facial oils are obtained from the seeds of various berries, vegetables (such as carrot!) and herbs (parsley!). It takes roughly 300–500 kg berries to produce 1 kg of seed oil.

Radiant Energy organic facial oil
A radiance-boosting concentrate of 9 rare and precious dry oils Learn More
Soothing Hydration organic facial oil
A thirst-quenching and soothing elixir of 8 unique nutrifying dry oils Learn More
Age Recovery organic facial oil
Anti-age recovery treatment with 10 rare regenerating dry oils Learn More


Extract of the madara plant

Galium Verum

One of our favourite plants is the fragile yet tough northern madara – the inspiration behind our name and aesthetic sense, and a valuable skincare ingredient.


Northern madara extract contains polyphenols – powerful antioxidants.


They neutralise free radicals and oxidative stress, protecting the skin from the harmful effects of environment and reducing signs of aging. Madara extract also promotes skin regeneration, leaving it firm and supple.

Madara plant, Galium Verum
INFINITY Mist Probiotic essence
Replenishes hydration, comfort and protection Learn More
INFINITY Drops Immuno-serum
Anti-sensitivity, anti-redness, less breakouts Learn More
Time Miracle Cellular Serum
Intense anti-ageing concentrate Learn More
Time Miracle Radiant Shield Day Cream SPF15
Intensely hydrates, beautifies, protects Learn More


Northern mud

Northern mud, MADARA

We source the valuable, roughly 4000-year-old Northern mud from the bottom of a Latvian forest lake, extracting it at a depth of 7-10 metres.


This unique lake mud features an unparalleled composition of active ingredients with purifying, rejuvenating and antibacterial properties.


Rich in humic acid, fulvic acid, natural lipids, enzymes and valuable B and D vitamins, northern mud cleanses, tightens pores and promotes skin regeneration to prevent blemishes.

a handy tip

Madara Cosmetics Ingredients

To heal the skin quicker, apply a small amount of Detox mask directly onto the blemish and leave it on overnight

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Madara Cosmetics Ingredients

Ultra purifying mud mask
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