You think that washing hair is fast and easy? Well, yes, - if you do not follow the unique routine that founder of MADARA, Lotte, is so thrilled about. 3 combs and the application of conditioner in layers with centimetre precision - this combo is your ticket to beautiful, thick and shiny hair.

Lotte is proud of her long, thick and healthy hair and many people are eager to know her secret. It turns out that magic hides, not only in the selection of the right products, but also thoughtful application and washing technique.

“I have considerably long hair, therefore I truly feel that hair structure near the scalp and at the ends of hair is different. These differences are so vivid every 10 centimetres, so I apply a special hair washing, conditioning and combing strategy. Sticking to this routine, you can wash your hair every three days instead of two, and your hair will be healthy and shiny.”


Always carefully comb your hair before washing. When stretching damp hair after washing, you can damage it more easily.


Due to the activity of sebaceous glands, hair near your scalp always become dirty faster, making it lose its volume. In turn, the ends of hair can be very dry. Knowing this, I only massage the shampoo on the first 10 centimetres near the scalp, not applying it to the remaining part of the hair.


I add the conditioner in several layers. I do not apply the conditioner on the first 10 centimetres of hair near the scalp. On the next 10 centimetres I apply a lighter portion of conditioner, diluting it with water. On the following 20 centimetres I apply a generous amount of product, but on the ends of the hair, I massage the conditioner even more diligently, leaving it on the hair for a while. I rinse around 90% of conditioner from the ends of hair – making it work like a Leave-In product.


I use at least 3 combs for the hair. With one I comb the scalp part, the length of hair being around 10-15 centimetres. I use the second comb on the remaining length of hair. This method allows me to avoid greasing the hair near the scalp with the layer of conditioner I left at the ends of hair. It is recommended to use very soft combs. The third comb is for massaging the scalp as it stimulates capillary blood circulation and fortifies the roots of the hair.


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