As Earth Day approaches, find out what you didn’t know about MÁDARA actions for sustainability yet, and things you stand for by choosing our natural skin care.


In 2016, MÁDARA was named the No. 1 greenest and most sustainable enterprise in Latvia. The Green Dot Award recognizes businesses that create products that are manufactured and delivered in an environmentally friendly manner.


40% of our jars, tubes and bottles were made of post-consumer recycled polymers in 2016. Yes, chances are your MÁDARA hair conditioner tube was a plastic bag or mineral water bottle in her past life.


Natural cosmetics are manufactured using natural and organic raw materials that are fundamentally safer to both the human body and the environment.


95% of the vegetable raw materials used in certified natural cosmetics come from organic farms. Organic farming has significant advantages – it doesn’t permit the use of synthetic pesticides, fungicides and herbicides which have a negative impact on the environment and human health.


We prefer local sourcing and strive to use natural resources responsibly throughout all stages of production. 


Production of natural cosmetics is cleaner and more eco-friendly. Even products used for cleaning, disinfection and sanitation are natural and certified – that’s how we can reduce the amount of chemicals that end up in waste water. 


Naturally derived ingredients degrade in nature rapidly, thus natural cosmetics help to reduce the pollution of water bodies and environment. 


MÁDARA cosmetics are formulated and manufactured without any genetically modified organisms, nanoparticles and irradiation of raw materials (risks related to the genetically modified plants include having an adverse effect on the environment and living organisms).


Even our selected cardboard and paper packaging is environmentally friendly to avoid processing methods that reduce the options for recycling and biodegradation (such as lamination or transparent windows). The packaging construction is designed to consume less paper.


100% of our tubes, jars and bottles are recyclable, and we encourage our customers to sort waste, reuse and recycle. That’s why the empty MÁDARA bottles are highly welcomed in our shops in Latvia, and we give a discount for each item – for they can be recycled and used for production of other plastic goods or energy.

Sort your empties, produce less waste. Prefer things you can reuse. Reuse. Make every day your Earth Day.