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Anti-Pollution CC Cream SPF15: Light Beige

40 ml

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Innovation: silky textured, natural SPF15 formula, combining multiple skin care benefits and beautifying action for a flawless, yet natural looking finish. Shade: light beige.

This anti-pollution CC cream corrects all skin tone imperfections, including dullness, redness, sallowness and dark spots. Scientifically proven to shield your skin from urban pollutants, protect skin microbiome, prevent clogged pores and inflammation.

With broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid, CITY CC is a must-have for every urban dweller.

Apply on its own or over your daily moisturiser. Suitable for all skin types.

cosmos natural
cosmos natural
cruelity free
cruelity free
gluten free
gluten free

Product Questions & Answers

What does broad spectrum protection mean?

Skin care products that ensure broad spectrum sun protection are able to protect not only against UVB (cause suntan and sunburn, contribute to cancer risk), but also UVA (prevalent even on cloudy days, generate free radicals, cause deep wrinkles and ageing, and also contribute to cancer risk) rays.

How do I choose the shade?

City CC comes in two different shades – light beige and medium beige. The light one is suitable for paler complexions (imagine beauties from old Northern sagas), the medium one – for sun-kissed ones. Unless you are on the really bright side, medium beige is your go-to choice. Both shades are self-adjusting and provide a flawless, natural looking coverage.

What’s the difference between the new City CC creams and Sun Flower/Moon Flower tinting fluids?

Due to their lightweight texture, Sun Flower/Moon Flower give a light, barely there coverage for a slightly enhanced complexion. Tinting fluids do not ensure UV and anti-pollution protection. When in search of a super light alternative to foundation to enhance your natural beauty, our tinting fluids will be a safe bet. City CC, however, contains a natural sunscreen, provides greater coverage and anti-pollution benefits due to the extremely high content of natural antioxidants.

Are natural sunscreens as effective as synthetic ones, and how do they work?

If chemical sun protection products penetrate the skin to absorb sun rays, natural sunscreens use mineral-based filters. As studies detect certain health risk, associated with chemical filters, mineral-based (also known as physical or natural) filters are considered as safer and even more effective. Creating a physical barrier that reflects the harmful UV rays, natural sunscreens work from the moment of application and, as their action has nothing to do with chemical reactions, they work as long as they stay on your skin.